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Mapping names in TreeBASE

TBMap is a project to map names in the the phylogenetic database TreeBASE to names in taxonomic databases, such as uBio, ITIS, IPNI, and the NCBI taxonomy database.

TreeBASE names that are the same are recognised using a variety of tools (string matching, GenBank accession numbers, synonymies from databases and the literature), and clusters of names that correspond to the "same" taxon are found.

A manuscript is in preparation describing how the mapping was obtained. For some background see the iPhylo blog, and Towards a Taxonomically Intelligent Phylogenetic Database [PDF].

What can I do with it?

Enter the name of a taxon in the search box and TBMap will display a mapping for that name if it exists in TreeBASE.

Or you can go straight to some clusters:

  • TC6166 (Physeter catodon, the sperm whale)
  • TC27256 (Coursetia heterantha, a synonym of Poissonia heterantha)

You can also look a the mapping for a TreeBASE taxon:

Please address any feedback to Rod Page.


Errors found since first online

2007-03-06T32316Amanita muscaria M31452Mistakenly mapped to Homo sapiens based on M31452 being an accession number.

TreeBASE is maintained by Bill Piel (now at Yale), and was originally developed by Bill, Michael Donoghue, and Michael Sanderson. TreeBASE is also mirrored at CIPRES, and development on version II is underway.

TBMap is not part of TreeBASE, but makes use of TreeBASE data, kindly supplied by Bill Piel.