TreeView X

This project began while was on a EMBO Fellowship at the DKFZ in Heidleberg in the summmer of 2000. Heiko Schmidt convinced me that porting TreeView to Linux would be a good idea. The project makes use of Paul Lewis' Nexus Class Library, and the wxWindows class library. Linux and Sun workstations in my lab were provided by a grant from the Wolfson Foundation.


Date Version Changes
3-SEP-2005 0.5.1
  • Now compiles under gcc 3.4
  • modified to autodetect SVG library (based on patch by Andreas Pokorny)
21-MAR-2005 0.5
  • Mac OS X version now uses wxWidgets instead of my own GUI code.
  • Support for picture files (SVG and EMF).
  • Some code tidying up.
17-SEP-2003 0.4
  • Improved handling of PHYLIP and Clustal trees, support for pasting trees from the Clipboard, scroll bar added to help view big trees.
10-DEC-2002 0.3
  • Compiles with gcc 3.2, improved use of autoconf and automake.
21-SEP-2001 0.2
  • Improved support for NEXUS files, drag and drop file opening, command line parsing, and tree style buttons added.
25-JUL-2001 0.1
  • First test release.